Who Are We

Bright Minds Care Inc. is founded by an Early Childhood Educator, with a BA in Early Childhood Studies from Ryerson University. A mother who is not only passionate about finding quality child care but has the expertise to match you with the best fit for your needs. With many years of valuable experience working within education and child care settings.

Bright Minds Care believes families play a key role in a child’s life and education. An agency that is dedicated to working tirelessly to help parents find home child care and for children to have a smooth and effortless transition with home child care Providers. We believe open channels of communication and trust are the most important quality in business and we work hard to support that.

Bright Minds Care Logo

Our Values

Bright Minds Care Licensed Home Child Care Agency is committed to a relationship-focused process to ensure success for Providers and parents in finding the perfect fit for their children. Our home child care Providers are dedicated individuals with passion and experience in the child care field. We work in partnership with parents, Providers and Home Child Care Consultants.

Our Providers are provided with professional development, through one on one with their HCC Consultant, group training and workshops. Our Providers are recruited, vetted, medical, criminal reference check, employment references, First Aid/CPR, and provided training. The training involves the reviewing of the Ministry of Education CCEYA required and Agency policies and procedures.


Opportunities for children to learn and grow in a safe, supportive, and educational environment.

Team Work

We believe that families are the primary and most important teachers the children have and are valued partners to our agency and Providers. We believe in being active listeners and support parents through discussions as well as the provisions of resources and referrals they consider to be beneficial. Complaints will be documented and followed through with proper procedure so we can come to a resolution together.

Diverse and Inclusive

We work with individuals with all abilities, race, and skills; which includes the staff, Providers, children, and families.


Incorporate indoor and outdoor play, as well as active play, rest, and quiet time throughout the day, and consider the individual needs of the children receiving childcare.

Support System

Be a support system for the community and families in the program, by encouraging Providers to attend EarlyON, local library and community centre programs.


Bright Minds Care understands that being transparent is the key to building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. We pride ourselves on our transparency with our families, children, Providers, and staff.


Providing learning and challenging environment for children to excel in their interests and school.