Daily Rates

Invoicing and Fee Collection
  • The first payment is due prior to your child’s first day of care and is pro-rated to the number of billable days in that bi-weekly billable period.
  • Your bi-weekly fees are calculated based on the number of days your child is enrolled to attend the program multiplied by the daily rate you pay.
  • Fees are invoiced for regular contracted days of care whether your child is in attendance or not. There are no reductions of fees for vacations, statutory holidays, illnesses, or part-time days missed.
Method of payment
  • Fees can be paid by Debit, Credit Card, direct deposit, or email transfer and paid on a bi-weekly basis in advance of service. Payments must be received by the due date to avoid late charges.
Due Date
  • Invoices are billed bi-weekly and are due on or before the start of the week.
Fee structure
  • Fees are charged according to a child’s age category (infant/toddler, preschooler, school-agers) and the childcare schedule (full-time vs part-time).
Changes to the fee schedule
  • Any permanent changes to your child’s schedule require two weeks’ notice to the program.
  • Bright Minds Care will give parents/guardians 1-month notice regarding any changes or increases in our agency daily rates.