Join the Team!


Looking to start your own Home Child Care?

Working with Bright Minds Care, you are part of a team of passionate and experienced Providers. We help you get your home child care started and grow your business.

You will be working one on one with a Home Child Care Consultant who will mentor and guide you to maximize your potential. Bright Minds Care is a professional and learning space for our Providers to work and grow. Become a part of a dedicated and hardworking group of Providers.

Being a Home Child Care Provider means you’re an essential worker serving families in your community. Providers are self-employed so you are also operating your own small business.

Perks & Benefits

We are looking for individuals who enjoys working and playing with children of all ages. Who is interested in operating their own home child care?

Support System

  • Professional development: workshops, seminars, and materials on pedagogy and early childhood development
  • HCC Consultant who will mentor and guide you
  • Encouraging Providers to attend EarlyON, local library and community centre programs

Licensed by the Ministry of Education

  • Through Bright Minds Care, you enjoy the benefits of being a licensed home child care provider, which increases your market by attracting more parents.
  • You have an Agency working alongside you to recruit children into your home.


  • Bright Minds Care has Equipment rentals: help in getting the tools you need to start your business (cots, high-chairs, educational equipment, etc.)

Back-up Care

  • The freedom to take a day, week, or month off whenever you want without having to coordinate with parents or try to find your own back-up for the parents is peace of mind.

Exposure and Experience

  • As a Provider you are exposed to different age groups, developmental needs of children, and work with parents and children from diverse backgrounds
  • Experiences operating your own home child care.


  • At Bright Minds Care our Providers are required to complete training on How Does Learning Happen (HDLH) and Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT). Review Agency and Ministry of Education CCEYA policies and procedures.
  • One on one training and support from Home Visitors.
  • Group workshops and training based on new or revised policies and procedures and the needs and requirements of the team of Providers.
  • 20 hours of free professional training per year; Ministry requirement.